About Us

At Spectory, we believe innovation is a driving force of humanity. We are hardwired to tirelessly seek out solutions to any problem that comes our way.

The digital realm is the new frontier, and with it comes exciting possibilities as well as new challenges. We want to be your guide through this expanding terrain, to nurture your ideas and make them workable.

We’re an end-to-end software development boutique operating in Israel since 2013. While we strive to be digital know-it-alls and can provide consultancy and development services in a variety of areas, our expertise is web, mobile, eCommerce, and Internet of Things applications.

We’ve got an exceptional customer-service track record, not to mention a growing list of clients. Spectory has successfully delivered and maintains many projects to customers ranging from independent entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies. All our services are tailored to their specific needs.

Why Spectory? We pride ourselves on being a software factory. We strive to create top-tier products efficiently while improving every step along the way. With all that we’ve learned in the way of successes and failures our aim is to transform the way software services are provided while guaranteeing outstanding quality.


5 Giborei-Israel St., Netanya

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