Error Messages – Embrace the Frustration

By Masha K. Aug 14, 2019 Are you familiar with that red wall of text in your log? The kind that never seems to disappear; it just alters and jumps from place to place? Errors seem to be one of the most common causes of frustration for developers. We expect something to work, and it … Continued

Continuous Deployment – How To Use It Optimally

By Guy Y. May 13 2019 Continuous deployment (CD) is the practice of minimizing the time between a code change and production deployment via automation. One may ask: Is it a good practice? And the short answer is: When done right, it is very powerful. When done wrong, it can be catastrophic. So how can one … Continued

The 10X Developer

By Guy Y. Mar 14 2019 What is a 10X Developer? A “10X Developer” is An individual who is thought to be as productive as 10 others in his or her field.The 10x developer would produce 10 times the outcomes of other colleagues.(Techopedia) But in the field of software development it’s hard to define what 10 … Continued

App Internationalization & Localization For Angular Apps

By Arik A. Mar 4, 2019 i18n and you As developers, we’d like our applications to be accessible and user-friendly to a world-wide audience. Obviously, this includes people who do not know the language the app was originally designed in. That is why translating our applications is vital for a much broader user experience. However, … Continued

PWA – How to Make Your Application Work Offline

By Amitai B. Jan 26, 2019 Angular – offline first PWA (progressive web application) is the future of web applications. It has all the benefits of mobile applications (push notification, offline support, lunch icon, etc.) and the user does not need to go to the store and install it from there, only navigate to the … Continued

An Introduction to React Hooks

By Amitai B. Dec 28, 2018 React hooks are a new feature introduced in version 16.7.0-alpha. They are not “revolutionary” because they do not amount to a clear break from the past; react will still be compatible with older code, but as this new feature matures, it will change the way we use react. What … Continued

Where Do HTML Pages Come From?

By Guy Y. Aug 15, 2018 Web apps come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – They render content on a web browser with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Where this HTML code is generated is defined by the chosen architecture: Server-Side Rendering (SSR): This means that HTML … Continued

MobX with React Introduction

By Amitai B. Mar 2, 2018 MobX is a simple state management solution that can be used very easily for ReactJS. ReactJS contains a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but it doesn’t have a built-in state management or two-way binding like Angular does (in version 16.3 it has changed with the introduction of a … Continued

Serverless Application with Firebase

By Amitai B. Feb 23, 2018 This is a tutorial that explains step by step how to write a serverless application. In this tutorial, I will use Angular and Firebase. From a developer’s point of view, both are so painless that it actually really fun, especially if you compare it to other serverless solutions such … Continued