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Let your job do your job

By Tomer S, Nov 16 2017

We live in a busy world.

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Accurate task prediction - the holy grail of SW development

By Dan Y, Oct 1 2017

Software task estimation is the process of predicting the time and effort required to complete tasks. Generally, estimates are used to help customers and managers to make decisions regarding how long it will take to accomplish project. It's known that programmers often consider task estimation to be one of the most difficult things they do and consistently find themselves with inaccurate or underestimated task predictions. To handle this problem, they pad their estimates but in many cases their rough guesses are too low. Regrettably, developers think that estimation is literally the equivalent of making a weather forecast. We can't expect a forecaster to a prediction for rain a month from now but still, it's useful when making near term forecast.

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It's time to discover Redux Dev Tools

By Tomer S, Apr 3 2017

"The washing machine" is a familiar syndrome. This syndrome is about peoples' preferences while choosing the functionality of the program in their washing machine.  Most people choose the same program they are used to, and it is usually the standard program. This syndrome happens in many subjects, one of them  in my opinion is redux dev tools.    As a SW developer and especially as a full-stack developer,  one major professionality is the ability to debug the state of your application. In this article, I will try to touch not only the "30-40 degrees" program of redux dev tools, but also the other functions including the "100 degree-cotton". The adds-on of 'redux dev tools' is a great tool for interpreting and debugging the application state. I will explain about the chrome extension, but it is also available on Firefox and electron, and can be used as a remote for other browsers and non-browser environments. The review of adds-on features will be top to bottom.  

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Improve your web application security

By Amitai B, Sep 5 2016

If you want your web application to be bullet proof with no vulnerabilities at all, do not write it. There is no software that cannot be hacked, it is just a matter of resources and time, as proved many times.

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Access Your Development Machine from the Internet

By Danny M, Aug 4 2016

Sometimes it can be very convenient to access your local development machine from the public network. Setting up something like this can be inconvenient. Your office network is usually shielded from the internet with a router and a firewall and IT managers generally disapprove opening these up for public inbound traffic. You many be able to configure your home router to forward tragic to your machine, but the process is no fun.

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Diving into JavaScript Closures

By Amitai B, Jul 27 2016

JavaScript is an amazing programing language, it has beautiful parts. But it also contains very confusing and complex parts. Closures and scopes are probably two of the them. In his book JavaScript: The Good Parts (a must read for every web developer!) Douglas Crockford regrads the JavaScript Scope as one of the awfull parts. I couldn’t agree more. As a software developer that started his programming with languages such as C/C++, I had hard times getting used to it and prevent bugs and errors in my programs. But where there’s a pitfall, there is also a challenge, and one of the best way to handle this challenge is using Closures. On the contrary to scopes, Closures are one of the best features in JavaScript that adds a lot of depth and opportunities to develop clean and good code. But Closures are not easy to grasp and understand. In this blog post I will explain what is a closure, how and when to use it.

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Sending Emails through Web Applications

By Tomer S, Jul 20 2016

At the start of the first lecture at the university, the Professor introduced himself, then turned to the students: "in case anyone was confused and did not understand until now, this course deals with Calculus". Ten students found out they came to the wrong class. I felt the same unpleasant feeling that these students felt, when I discovered a few weeks ago that e-mails sent through the app got into Spam instead of "Inbox".

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Debugging tips

By Guy Y, May 9 2016

Programs are like kids. You're at your home/office playing around, see how your baby grows, does all these nice things you taught it to do, and feel so proud when it succeeds. It reflects you so well, for the better & the worst.

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