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Let your job do your job

By Tomer S, Nov 16 2017

We live in a busy world.

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Factory girl the Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By Tomer S, Sep 29 2016

Just like in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in our code- guests are welcome, mystery guests aren't.   While we are testing our application , we need to challenge the logic and design of our code. In order to do so efficiently we will increase the power of our unitests by making it faster and by testing all parts of the code. Testing is an integral part of code writing. Unitests of Web applications need to test both the server side and the client side. The challenge of testing the server side is the decrease in performance speed due to the writing to database. As a Full Stack developer it is very important to conduct the tests in a convenient way, without compromising on quality. This is the main goal of FactoryGirl.      

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Sending Emails through Web Applications

By Tomer S, Jul 20 2016

At the start of the first lecture at the university, the Professor introduced himself, then turned to the students: "in case anyone was confused and did not understand until now, this course deals with Calculus". Ten students found out they came to the wrong class. I felt the same unpleasant feeling that these students felt, when I discovered a few weeks ago that e-mails sent through the app got into Spam instead of "Inbox".

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ActiveRecord Overview and Tips

By Guy Y, Mar 15 2016

Object-Relational Mapping or ORM is a technique that connects the rich objects of an application to tables in a relational database management system. Using ORM, the properties and relationships of the objects in an application can be easily stored and retrieved from a database without writing SQL statements directly and with less overall database access code. This post goes over the excellent Ruby ORM called ActiveRecord

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